Workshop on Greywater, Rainwater Catchment & Groundwater Systems

Tuesday, August 17, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Online Event CA

Water conservation and water stewardship are vital now in our second year of severe drought. It is time to look for other sources of water to keep our gardens alive. Join us and learn about harvesting and using:

  • Greywater
  • Rainwater Catchment and
  • Groundwater systems such as Rain Gardens and Swales for keeping water in your soil.

These systems can help save significant amounts of water and help wean us from our hoses.

Mano Tondre is the Owner and co-founder of DIG Cooperative. During California's drought conditions of 2005, a group of builders and ecologists founded DIG Cooperative Inc. and built the first permitted residential constructed wetland for greywater treatment in California. The greywater wetland is located at the Berkeley Ecology Center's EcoHouse. He continues to pioneer permitted greywater reuse and rainwater catchment systems across the greater Bay Area, including large scale projects at Chabot Space & Science Center, the San Francisco Zen Center and Skyline High School as well as smaller residential systems.