From Lawn to Food

Sheet mulching your lawn gives you an opportunity to do something more dynamic with your yard. One option is to cultivate an edible landscape made up of fruits and vegetables, edible flowers, and culinary herbs.

Tips for Going from Lawn to Food:

  • Plant fruit trees and larger perennial crops, such as herbs or artichokes, when you sheet mulch. Follow the same general sheet mulching guidelines as for planting ornamental 4-inch to 5-gallon plants

  • Establish raised garden beds before direct seeding or planting annual crops that you purchase in 6-packs. This applies to crops like greens, brassicas, root crops, and micro-greens.

  • Build raised beds for edibles directly on top of your sheet mulch. This lets you plant annual edibles right after sheet mulching, and makes it easy to establish pathways between beds.

  • Focus on building healthy soil. Compost, mulch, and cover crops are natural soil amendments that provide valuable nutrients and improve soil structure. Check our Marketplace to find vendors that sell compost and mulch. 

  • Learn helpful growing tips by checking out the videos and guides we have compiled over the years of visiting with local backyard gardeners.